Filmless Fun

My son and I took at walk down to 7 Eleven yesterday evening to grab a couple Slurpees and I had my camera with me. While we were leaving my son Joshua decided he would take his camera with him too :). He shot a lot of photos while we were walking, however his camera …

Jumping Around

I seen some people with these jumping pictures here and there and I thought I’d give it a go haha. Maybe next time I’ll make a better face and look at the camera! LOL. Camera: Canon 6D & 135L ~ Settings: 1/4000th – f/2 – ISO 100 Thanks for stopping by, Rob


I noticed I haven’t posted very many people pictures on here that last little while, so I though I’d post this picture I took of Madison in the fall. This picture was part of my People of Calgary Project and was posted there. I figured since not everyone that comes here reads that blog it …

A Few Cute Kids

I shot an event for my company back in October and I got a few good shots of some cute kids. I just stumbled upon the pictures on my computer and thought these ones would be worth sharing :). Camera: 5D mark iii & 24-85mm @85mm ~ Settings: 1/125th – f/8 – ISO 200 Camera: …

Hello Doggy

This cool dude isn’t my dog, but he’s my friends dog. This picture has a bit of a funky compositions compared to most dog pictures, but I kind of like it like this 🙂 Camera Canon 5D mark iii & 135L ~ Settings: 1/100th – f/2 – ISO 6400 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

When A Bird Hits Your Window

Like I said last week, I’m mot much of a bird photographer. However when a bird comes flying into your living room window full speed ahead, you get your bird photographer hat on in a hurry! As was the case of this little guy. I was just changing the lens on my camera to go …

The Birthday Girl

I did a shoot the other day for a lovely woman and her daughter. The little girls second birthday was coming up and her mom wanted to get some photos for the occasion. These are a few of the ones I liked best 🙂 Happy Birthday 😉

Self Portrait

The mood to shoot a photo struck me this evening, but I had no one to shoot. So I decided I would shoot a self portrait. For this shot I used a Canon 5D mark iii & 50L with one flash set up to camera left. The flash was a Canon 550EX Speedlite shot through …

Baby Gosling Geese

Today I made a little trip down to Prince’s Island Park here in Calgary. There is a nice little path that goes around some ponds and the Bow River. While walking along I came across a big group of baby Canadian geese (goslings). Here is a few pictures I snapped of them 🙂