Film Reflection

If you watched the video in my last post you’ve already seen this picture, if you haven’t then wa-la! 😉

I didn’t plan this photo out. I was just taking pictures of my son sitting on his bike and I couldn’t help but notice the reflection in the window to my right. After I was doing shooting the photos of my son I figured I might as well just try and get a reflection shot. Normally I would have avoided having the big light in the frame, but because I was shooting with CineStill 800T film I knew the glow off the light would look unique, so I composed the light in the photo.

I don’t think this photo is really anything special, but I do like it. The darkness in most of the image lets the lit up bits pop out of the image and I think that’s what I like best. I’m happy the photo turned out the way it did and I know it wouldn’t have turned out this way had I been shooting digital. When your shooting film you have vision of how you want your photo to turn out, you dial in all the right setting and hope your right. After you press that shutter button there’s not checking if it’s what you want, so you better hope the camera setting you chose were the right ones to portray the image you had in your mind. This time it worked out.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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