I've been posting some of my families van pictures here and there on another blog (wordpress.letsgowestfalia.com). I figure I might as well reblog some of the post here too. :)
On our first drive through Glacier National Park in Montana I was completely blown away! I had no idea how beautiful it was. When we passed this spot on the way down I knew I needed to make a stop there to get a shot of the mountain and the van. Since stopping would be […]
via My Westfalia Wallpaper from Glacier National Park —

New Car!

I picked up a new car yesterday! 2014 BMW X3! Oh man, what an upgrade from my old 2011 BMW X3 haha ;). At first I was going to go to a parking garage with a glass building behind it and shoot off camera flash, but I was in this neighbourhood so I thought I’d …