Apartment Life

I was out for dinner with my wife and her parents at the Calgary Tower a couple weeks ago. I shot this photo with my Canon s120, which is a pretty awesome little point and shoot camera. The picture isn’t perfect, but it gives you a good idea of what that part of town looks like. A lot of apartment buildings over there for sure!

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Just Weeks before with Amy & Dwight

I went kicking around Princes Island Park with Amy & Dwight the other day to shoot some engagement photos. Funny thing about this photo session is it was only a few weeks away from the actual wedding! Not exactly typical, but who cares ;). We really lucked out with the weather because the days leading up to the shoot were really ugly out and then on the day the sun was shinning and it was sweater weather. Good weather, good people and a good location is a recipe for fun and that’s what happened.

I also shot a bit of video along the way too and have added it here if your into that sort of thing.

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