Gotta Love The Rockies

This shot is clearly not a recent one! haha. This landscape currently sits under heaps of snow. I shot this one this past summer about 30 minutes south of the city of Calgary. I’m not big on landscape, but I could look at this view for quite some time :).

Alberta Rocky Mountains Rockies amazing landscape beautiful sky clouds - Rob Moses Photography -Calgary Photographer Photographers Native American Famous Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Good Canadian Awesome LifestyleCamera: Canon 6D & 24-105mm f4 IS @ 105mm ~ Settings: f/20 – 1/250th – ISO 200

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Calgary North & The Rockies

I shot this photo a couple of days ago when I was out getting a skyline shot. I had been searching for a vantage point from the east side of town looking west and found a 6 or 7 story high parking garage. My first attempt at getting in the garage was unsuccessful, as the stairwell at the front entry was locked. I kept looking around and saw a walk way between the garage and the building it was attached too, so I checked it out. The walk way led me to a side entry to the garage and from there I found another stairwell at the back corner, thankfully this one was open!

Once I got to the top of the garage I set up and quickly started shooting photos. I figured at any time I could get kicked out of there, since people from their offices could see me. At first I was just shooting the downtown skyline, then I noticed the sun was shinning on the mountains in the NW direction. Just then I started to feel a few rain drops! I quickly ran over to the other end of the garage to get the right vantage point and shot a few frame before it started pouring. Got this one just in the nick of time! 🙂

Blog Calgary Alberta Canada Rockies Rocky Mountains YYC city buildings SAIT College Bridgeland Renfrew - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Photographer - Native American TlingitCamera: Canon 5D mark iii & 70-300mm DO IS @300mm ~ Settings 1/125th – f/20 – ISO 1000

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Note: My house is about 6 blocks away from the brown church with the dome roof on the right side of the picture :).

A Wave of Clouds

I thought the clouds looked pretty cool coming over the Rocky Mountains at this moment so I grabbed a picture. The clouds almost look like a wave crashing over the mountains. Pretty cool stuff to see :).

Famous Rockies Rocky Mountains Alberta Canada - Rob Moses Photography - Calgary Canada houses homes landscape Rockyridge - Vancouver Seattle PhotographerCamera: Canon 5D mark iii & 70-300mm DO IS @300mm ~ Settings: 1/400th – f/20 – ISO 1000

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Some Big Mountain

I have taken a trip through the Rocky Mountains of Alberta & British Columbia Canada to Vernon BC. While on the drive here yesterday I snapped this shot of some mountain near Banff. There is some rather harsh noise in the sky, but I shot this picture with a point & shoot and did the edit with Snapseed on my ipad, so I can live with it 🙂


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Apartment With a View

There is just something about a good sunset over the Rockies that is almost magical. You get a pretty good view of it from where I was standing, but I’d imagine the view to be even better from one of those apartments! Those buildings are located on westside of downtown in Calgary, Canada. Nice location I’d say.

Calgary City Condo Apartment Buildings Rocky Mountains Rockies Canada Sunset - Rob Moses Photography - Famous urban landscape - Photographer Camera: Canon 5D mark ii & Sigma 50-500mm OS @500mm ~ Settings: 1/160th – f/11 – ISO 3200

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