Double Slide

I was down at the park with some friends and my family on Friday evening when I took these. My sons were having quite the time on the slide and decided doubling up on the slide might be a fun time. Looks like they were right. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Melissa + 4

I had the pleasure of shooting some photos with Melissa and her wonderful children last weekend. We shot these photos along a walking path in a not so busy part of a massive park in the south west of the city. I thought shooting photos with 4 children and one parent would be a little more …

Family Time

This nice little family is taking a look back at my last post haha. They were actually pretty nice, I was across the street shooting and they were admiring the view. At one point they turned around to me and asked me if they were “in my shot”, and offered to move if they were. …

The Birthday Girl

I did a shoot the other day for a lovely woman and her daughter. The little girls second birthday was coming up and her mom wanted to get some photos for the occasion. These are a few of the ones I liked best 🙂 Happy Birthday 😉