Well it’s that time of year again that all the hockey fans have been waiting for! The NHL preseason has started the real games are just around the corner. I am sure there are many fun nights in the near future for me in this building. For the locals, I’m still peeved that Hartley‘s gone, but what are …

City Kid

My son Cameron and I took a walk to the store the other day and on our way there I shot this photo. I think next time I’ll bring a tripod and hop in the picture with him. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Double Slide

I was down at the park with some friends and my family on Friday evening when I took these. My sons were having quite the time on the slide and decided doubling up on the slide might be a fun time. Looks like they were right. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

On The Railing

I was out for a walk around the neighbourhood with my son Joshua yesterday evening. I wanted to shoot a photo with my Minolta 100mm lens and I figured I’d find something to shoot a long the way. When we got to the spot in the picture, my son suggested I just take a picture of …