Nike Destroyer Hike

So my family and I went for a wicked hike just outside of Puerto Vallarta. I shot a little video along the way and thought it was worth sharing here. This is the first video I really used my DJI Osmo gimbal in and I am very happy with the results. I think I’m going to continue to use that gimbal for most of my videos moving forward.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob


Instagram vs WordPress

I keep falling off my blogging regimen these days and I put a lot of the blame on Instagram! I think I have wrote about this before, but it just rings so true it is hard to avoid. I wonder how many other people feel this way? For me, I get a lot more interaction on Instagram so it only makes sense to dedicate at more time there. However, the longer format of the blog gives more creative freedom, but at a cost, time. Time is my main enemy here, I find when I am going peddle to the metal on Instagram I don’t make time for WordPress and vice versa.

Maybe time management is more of the issue here. If there was ever a time I should be ripping both full blast now is the time. During the winter in Calgary I find it too cold to go out much, so I am indoors more than I usually am. This extra time at home should give me the time to do both. So maybe I will start posting more again, I hope I will. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow haha.

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