Misty Montana Mountains

I shot this photo real quick as I was taking pictures of my Westfalia this summer in Glacier National Park. I figured since I was surrounded by all this natural beauty it would be a shame to not get a straight up landscape shot. It was actually raining when I took this picture and a …

Grizzly Bear

My family and I were driving through Glacier National Park this summer and we saw this Grizzly bear just wandering along the side of the mountain! The longest lens I had with me was a manual focus Canon FD 100mm f/2.8. When we saw the bear my camera had on a 24-70mm so I scrambled …

I've been posting some of my families van pictures here and there on another blog (wordpress.letsgowestfalia.com). I figure I might as well reblog some of the post here too. :)
On our first drive through Glacier National Park in Montana I was completely blown away! I had no idea how beautiful it was. When we passed this spot on the way down I knew I needed to make a stop there to get a shot of the mountain and the van. Since stopping would be […]
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