Canon vs Sony 70-200mm

I have been shooting a decent amount with my Sony a7R these days and I have run into some auto focus speed issues along the way. I have found that Sony’s hit rate of moving subjects is noticeably lower than what I have been used to with my Canon gear. This issue rang especially true while I was shooting some soccer this summer with the Sony E-mount 70-200mm f4 G OSS. Since I have a Canon EF 70-200mm f4 IS I thought it might be interesting to do a little real world test of these to lenses head to head. Even thought I had an idea of how the test would go from my past experiences with both lenses, I was surprised at end result of this one.

For this video I employed my two children to help me out. My 6 year old son Joshua was my 2nd camera man and my 4 year old son Cameron was the test subject :). Oh and by the way, if you have a youtube account please subscribe to my channel. I am going to try and do a lot more videos than I have been doing. 👍

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My Favourite 3 Cameras

Sony NEX-7 16mm exif data Rob Moses

I had the Sony Fisheye Converter on for the above photo.


Although I have been known to shoot other brands of cameras here and there, Canon is my favourite. These 3 cameras in particular are my current favourites. The Cameras are a Canon 5D Mark iii, 1D Mark iii & a 6D. I know it’s kind of silly to have all 3 of these (not to mention all the other cameras I have), however they all have their uses where for me they shine the best. The 5D Mark iii is good for just about everything and I use it as such. The 1D Mark iii is great for sports when you need that quick frame per second (10 fps) and the 6D is nice to just walk around with and share photos quickly via the cameras wifi. They are all great cameras and if I had to choose just one it would be a very difficult choice.

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