Hello Sun

The sun finally decided to show up around here! I figured I’d better get out and shoot a few quick photos and enjoy the good weather. I just took a little stroll down the marina and took it all in. Finally starting to feel like spring and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Working on the Weekend

The building doesn’t stop around here. I took this picture yesterday (Saturday) and these conscription workers were hard at work. Well some of them were hard at work at least 😆. I dunno what they were doing right at this moment, but I know they are building another couple big building on this site. More …

Mask Up

I was walking down the street yesterday and couldn’t help but notice these two beautiful statues were wearing masks! I love it. Such a good look and creative way of promoting thinking of others.   Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Enjoying The View

I went for a little hike yesterday. Of course I had my hiking partner Juneau the super dog with me. I actually shot this photo with the exact same composition and it looked good. But as I was looking at the scene I thought the picture would be so much better if someone was standing …