Little Skateboarder – Stills & Video

On Saturday afternoon my 6 year old son Cameron and I went for a little skate downtown. We were heading to the very popular Peace Bridge to get a shot of Cameron on his skateboard in the middle of the bridge. However, when we got there the wind was blowing like crazy and it was kind of a bad scene. We decided to hit the streets in search of a new spot to shoot a photo. We found a spot with smooth cement, places to leave our gear and set up our cameras with very little interruption from passerbyers.

Not only did we shoot photos, but we were also rolling video on the whole thing for my vlog. I didn’t realize how many times I had Cam push off on his skateboard for the photo until I was going over the video footage at home. I didn’t count how many times he did it, but it was a at least 30 times! For a 6 year old to have that kind of patience on a photo shoot is amazing. I also noticed he took direction very well. I was super impressed by all of this at the time, but even more so after the fact. I think he’d make a good little actor or model if he wanted to go down that road. For now I think we’ll just stick to the skateboarding though ;).

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On The Railing

sony-a850-minolta-100mm-f2-8-macro-rob-moses-exif-dataI was out for a walk around the neighbourhood with my son Joshua yesterday evening. I wanted to shoot a photo with my Minolta 100mm lens and I figured I’d find something to shoot a long the way. When we got to the spot in the picture, my son suggested I just take a picture of him. I’m glad he made the suggestion, because I love how the photo turned out.

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On The Fence

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