Mountains in Canmore

I was importing an old photo into Lightroom yesterday when I stumbled on this picture. I shot this in Canmore, Alberta a few years ago. The clouds surrounding the mountains looks pretty amazing to me. Easy to get good picture in a setting like that. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

How Many Rings

I know a lot of people get engaged around the holidays, but I wonder just how many new rings are floating around out there? Anyhow, the thought crossed my mind so I figured why not share a ring picture. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Brittany & Ben’s Canmore Wedding

Brittany & Ben’s wedding was a total blast. And talk about a location! When I was out scouting the location in Canmore I was blown away and on the day of the wedding the moody clouds were just wonderful. Pretty easy to get good shots with a fun couple like them with a back drop …

Guys on a Mountain

I was hiking up a mountain one day this past summer and I saw these guys sitting on the edge of a cliff having a nice little rest for them selves. I thought it looked like a moment, so I shot a quick photo. I really should have taken one of their emails so I could …

Spring in Canmore, Canada

Last weekend I was out in Canmore, Alberta Canada to escape the city for a little bit. On Sunday morning I decided to go for a little “spring” walk and take a look around the town to see if I could get any good pictures. Although it looks more like winter in this picture, it …