RIU Hotel

Sony a7ii

When I was down in Cancun last I walked by this hotel many times. I like the way it looks, wide and simple. This place was right next to the hotel I was staying at, so one night I went over and shot this photo from a quarantined off staircase on an old mall. The staircase gave me just a little extra hight that I needed to get a good view of the street and hotel together.

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Cool Vintage Sign

A new train station recently opened up in Calgary and they re-erected this old sign. When I first moved here I noticed the sign in front of a cool old gas station that looked like it belonged on the set of “Back to the Future”. I never got a picture of the building, because I never thought they would tear it down or move it. Anyhow, they did move the building (I believe), but I’m not sure where to. I am happy they fixed up the old sign and put it back up though, it’s brings a real charm to the Tuscany C-Train Station.

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Camera: Nikon D70 & 50mm 1.4 Ai (manual focus) – Settings: f/16 – 1/250th – ISO 200

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