A Walk On The Beach

My 8 year old son shot this photo of my wife and I walking on the beach in Cancun Mexico this past winter. I edited the photo for him, but he did a good job with the rest. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Rob Advertisements


Well it’s that time of year again that all the hockey fans have been waiting for! The NHL preseason has started the real games are just around the corner. I am sure there are many fun nights in the near future for me in this building. For the locals, I’m still peeved that Hartley‘s gone, but what are …

City Kid

My son Cameron and I took a walk to the store the other day and on our way there I shot this photo. I think next time I’ll bring a tripod and hop in the picture with him. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

On The Railing

I was out for a walk around the neighbourhood with my son Joshua yesterday evening. I wanted to shoot a photo with my Minolta 100mm lens and I figured I’d find something to shoot a long the way. When we got to the spot in the picture, my son suggested I just take a picture of …