Sunset City

Camera: Nikon D300s & 100mm f/2.8 AIS ~ Settings: f/16 – 1/250th – ISO 200


Camera – iPhone 4s

Last weekend I was at my local Starbucks enjoying a coffee and testing out a new photo editing app (Pixelmator, verdict is still out). Once my editing time was up / coffee was done, I started walking home. When I got to the top of the hill I stopped to take in the sunset that was falling behind the city. Naturally I had a camera with me, so I pulled it out and put on my Nikon 100mm f2.8 AIS (manual focus) lens and shot this photo. I love this view of the city and I think this shot reflects the beauty of this vantage point.

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Kananaskis Country

I took a drive an hour west of the city this weekend to a little place known as Kananaskis Country. There really isn’t much out there, but the forest, mountains and whatever nature has to offer. Since I live right in the city, from time to time a trip to a remote place like Kananaskis is exactly what I need. The weather was kind of wired the day I was there. In the photo it was raining behind the first mountain and sunny where I shot the photo from. The weather situation made for a dramatic picture.

Blog Kananaskis Country Alberta Rocky Mountains Mist Moutnain Landscape Nature - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Calgary Photographer Photographers Native American Famous Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Good Canadian Awesome LifestyleCamera: Nikon D300s & 100mm 2.8 AIS (manual focus) ~ Settings: f/16 – 1/320th – ISO 320

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Old Camera & Older Lens

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter than you might already know I got my hands on an old Nikon D70 with a Sigma 10-20mm lens for $75! I have been playing around with it lately just for fun and have gotten some good pictures with it. I put my old 1970’s 50mm 1.4 lens on it have found the combination really fun. For whatever reason, I find it really fun to try and get good pictures with this combination of a 10 year old DSLR & 40 year old lens haha. The way I see it, anything that gets me out the door taking pictures has got to be a good thing.

Bellow the camera shot is just a random picture of Calgary I took with this set up yesterday :).

Old Nikon D70 DSLR Camera 50mm 1.4 Ai Ais Manual focus lens - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Calgary Photographer Photographer Native American Famous Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Canadian LifestyleCamera: Canon 6D & 50mm 1.4 ~ Settings: f/14 – 6 seconds – ISO 100

YYC Skyline urban big city buildings stormy clouds Alberta Canada - Rob Moses Photography - Native American Alaskan Famous Tlingit - Seattle Top Vancouver Photographer Popular PhotographersCamera: Nikon D70 & 50mm 1.4 Ai ~ Settings: f/16 – 1/100th – ISO 200

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