A Drivers City

In Calgary you must have car! I think this picture kind of shows that :).

I had wanted to take this picture for well over a year now. I used to drive past here over one of those overpasses everyday and I would always want to get this picture, but it wasn’t easy. There is not path here and you can’t walk up from the street to this location, as there is no side walks anywhere near these busy streets and bridges. Right behind were I am there are houses. I went and scouted this location once in the fall and found out there was vacant house right where I need to get though to the wall. So now that all the snow is finally gone I decided it was time to get this picture.

When I arrived I had my regular tripod with me, because I thought I would be able to get a shot from the back yard of the vacant house, however there were trees in the frame and the wall was also blocking the street at the bottom of the picture. I knew I had to get the picture from the wall, so I went back to my car and grabbed my Joby GorillaPod and set my camera up on top of the wall and used live view to frame my pictures. The photo didn’t turn out exactly how I had envisioned, but it’s not bad.

Calgary Alberta Canada 2014 highway freeway street bridge overpass roads city skyline urban metro modern buildings - Rob Moses Photography - Seattle Vancouver Calgary Photographer Native American PhotographersCamera: Canon 6D & 17-40L ~ Settings: 30 Seconds – f/14 – ISO 100

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

6 thoughts

  1. Great shot! I am encouraged by the hard work that you went through to get this. I should be less lazy . . .

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